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Texas Community Property and Matrimonial Law, Second Edition

  • Bernard Reams
  • Rachel M.C. Ambler
Series / Aspen Select Series
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With the frequency of community property law essays on the Texas Bar Exam, every law student should be encouraged to study community property law while in law school. Texas Community Property & Matrimonial Law: Cases, Statutes, and Commentary, Second Edition is a comprehensive source for community property law. With material from the Spanish colonial period to cases from 2012, this modern casebook is the most current and up-to-date available. Material is explained in a direct and simple manner and supported by interesting and, often, entertaining cases. Written by St. Mary’s University of Law Professor Bernard D. Reams, a member of the ALI, and Rachel Ambler, a Texas family law practitioner, the book is designed with a practical approach to give students a firm foundation for the practice of law in Texas. Designed as an introductory text, it can be used with or without a family law prerequisite.

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Community Property
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