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Aspen Publishing and have teamed up to level up your students' legal writing and research. courses tackle the core challenges students and practitioners face in legal writing and research by providing ready-made lessons that address common difficulties, like writing mechanics, research fundamentals, and citations. Bite-sized videos, cheat sheets, and interactive practice put users in the driver's seat as they develop their writing and research skills through real-life simulations and carefully designed assessments.

Aspen Publishing and have created four programs that can be bundled with any Aspen title. Engage your students with interactive, online modules covering professors’ most requested legal writing and research topics to help new undergraduate, graduate, and professional legal writers.

Take a look at the legal writing and research programs Aspen and offer through our exclusive partnership:

  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing and Research
  • Writing Mechanics and Grammar

Your students will level up their writing and research!

Elevated Style: Help writers use plain and precise language.
Great Stories: Show students how to use narratives in their writing.
Better Rules: Provide practice on key analysis topics like rule sections.
The Basics: Promote foundational mechanics and grammar skills.
Walkthroughs: Offer immersive writing explanations that help students see the forest.
Cheat Sheets: Sharpen skills with dozens of downloadable cheat sheets.
Dashboard Analytics: Track student progress with powerful and informative analytic tools in an easy-to-use admin dashboard.
Court Foundations: Discover the basics of the U.S. Court System.
 Case Lifecycle: Explore all the stages of a lawsuit in the United States
Research Basics: Learn the fundamentals of legal research.
Search Techniques: Hone search and other research skills.
Citations: Provide extensive, interactive training on legal citations.
Additional Training: Offer training on key tools like Microsoft Word.
Artificial Intelligence Feedback: Enjoy real-time suggestions using’s first-of-their kind training bots that leverage generative AI.

Ready to see how bundling with your Aspen textbook can help leverage the latest legal writing and research skills?

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