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Aspen Publishing and have teamed up to level up your student's legal writing and research.
 worked with legal practitioners and law professors from law schools, federal courts, agencies and law firms, and in-house counsel to create bite-sized videos and interactive practice that put students in the driver’s seat, developing their writing and research skills with real-life simulations and carefully designed assessments.

Aspen Publishing and have created two programs that can be bundled with Aspen legal writing and research textbooks to engage your law students with interactive, online modules based on law professors’ most requested legal writing and research topics for helping new legal writers.


Elevated Style: Help your students write with plain language.
Tell Stories: Give your students fun practice for their fact sections.
Better Rules: Students can practice key analysis topics like rule sections.
Mechanics and Grammar: Help students develop basic mechanics and grammar.
Walkthroughs: Immersive writing walkthroughs help students see the forest.
Cheat Sheets: Keep skills sharp with dozens of downloadable cheat sheets.


Research Basics: Dive into the fundamentals of legal research.
Court Foundations: Students learn all the basics of the U.S. Court System.
Case Lifecycle: Explore all the stages of a lawsuit in the United States.
Citations: Extensive, interactive training on legal citations.
Search Techniques: Students hone their search and other research skills.
Additional Training: Students can also get training on key tools like Microsoft Word.

Ready to see how bundling with your Aspen textbook can help you and your students leverage the latest legal writing and research skills?

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