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The Groundbreaking Admissions Test and Preparatory Course

Watch this video to learn more about JD-Next!

Resources for Prospective Students
Resources for Current Students
Resources for Admissions Departments
Resources for Law School Administrators
Resources for Prospective Students
Interested in JD-Next? Find out details about JD-Next such as test dates, scoring guides and more.
Resources for Current Students
Find the details you need during the JD-Next course and test.
Resources for Admissions Departments
Find out details about JD-Next such as score interpretation guides, exam overview, and more.
Resources for Law School Administrators
Find out details about JD-Next such as validity of the program, how to apply for a variance and more.
Course Date Exam Dates Purchase to Register Registration Dealine
June 3, 2024 July 30th or August 3rd 2024
Purchase Here June 10, 2024
October 7, 2024 December 4th or December 7th 2024
Purchase Here October 14, 2024

JD-Next is an innovative law school learning program designed to measure what you can do versus what you may already know.

Originally developed to help students admitted to law schools develop the fundamental reading and analysis skills they will need to succeed in law school and beyond, JD-Next now also serves as a separate JD admissions exam which dramatically reduces or eliminates admission test score disparities for underrepresented groups compared to legacy admissions tests.

JD-Next Investment Benefits

Access to 8-week course
1-1 access to dedicated course facilitator
Case briefing lessons
Glossary with all terms
Video explanations from experts in the field
Practice problems to prepare for examination
Access to chat with students in your course
One high-stakes examination
Detailed score report
Unlimited number of schools to send score report to

JD-Next Scholarship Information

JD-Next offers to those who qualify and are selected a scholarship based on demonstrated financial need.  Recipients of the scholarship would pay $50 instead of $299 for the JD-Next course and exam.  Please click the button below for details.

Prospective Student Webinars

Interested in learning more? View the recordings of our prospective student webinars to learn more about the JD-Next Program.

View Webinar from 5/16

View Webinar from 4/11

“I felt much more prepared for all my classes."

Benefits of JD-Next

Effective preparation of all populations of students for success in JD programs by providing foundational knowledge and skills.
Reduces potential race and class disparities in admissions testing and law school preparation.
Builds student confidence in succeeding in tests and law school.
Creates a valid and reliable predictor of performance in law school.

Aspen Publishing and JD-Next are committed to your success. For any questions regarding about the JD-Next Program, please contact us.

Call: 1-800-317-3113