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The Law Simulation Series

The Law Simulation Series platform provides students with an interactive law office environment to develop and refine their competencies in the legal workplace.

Law Simulation Series features:
Multiple resources (calendar, policies, manual, form files) built within the workstation.
A flexible interactive environment for training students to perform real-world tasks within a law office.
The opportunity to work on “real” cases without the possibility of making a costly mistake.
Interactive audio and video situations with different staff members, clients, and personality types.
Exercises that can be assigned for completion outside of the classroom.
A professor dashboard for customizing the course, managing your students, and more.

Law Simulation Series products available:

  • - Bankruptcy
  • - Business Organizations
  • - Civil Litigation
  • - Contracts
  • - Criminal Law
  • - Family Law
  • - Introduction to Law
  • - Law Office Management
  • - Legal Research
  • - Legal Research and Writing
  • - Legal Writing
  • - Paralegal Law Practice Experience
  • - Real Estate
  • - Tort Law
  • - Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Do you have an access code?

The instructions for redeeming your Simulation Access Code may have changed from what was printed on your access card. Please follow the instructions below carefully:

1. Please Login or Create an Account on
2. Go to Redeem an Access Code under My Account in the top right corner
3. Enter your code in the box provided and click submit
4. Click the ACCESS link to go to the website where you can access your Simulation. You may have to log in to the Simulation website again using your email. If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot Password" button.

TIP: Bookmark the Law Simulation Series website to quickly access your Simulation products in the future.

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