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Connected Coursebooks are now Connected eBooks

Connected eBooks for Business Law are interactive digital textbooks designed for today's students.

Connected eBooks give students robust search and highlighting tools, outlining software, and, for select titles, interactive practice questions that are all integrated into an easy-to-use, streamlined learning experience. A daily news feed of select business law articles infuse currency by connecting business law concepts with related items in the news.

Connected eBooks are both portable and affordable. For only $106 for lifetime access, students can access their books, study questions, notes, and newsfeed all from their laptop, tablet, or smart phone – anytime, anywhere.

These titles are available as Connected eBooks:

Business Law Connected eBooks Include:

Digital Textbook

College comes with a lot of reading. With the Connected eBook, students can access their enhanced eBook anytime or anywhere, and use the robust tools to learn and study more efficiently.

1. Search the full textbook

2. Highlight with multiple color options

3. Add notes to the margins

Outline Tool

The Outline Tool automatically populates students' notes and highlights from the eBook into a notebook format for a helpful reference tool during class or study tool during quiz or exam prep.

News Feed

Links to relevant business law related news to connect what students learn from their books in class to real world events.

Practice Questions (available with select titles)

Connected eBooks help students prepare for class and exams with:

1. A variety of practice questions, including multiple-choice, flashcards, and short answer

2. Progress indicators that highlight students' strengths and weaknesses to help them better allocate their study time

Faculty Tools

Handy instructor tools make it easy to set up a class, add links to outside resources from the eBook, review and endorse study center content, and access a dashboard of class analytics to gain insights into student practice and comprehension.

“Our new digital text will benefit our colleagues and students. It provides such conveniences as portability, ease of access to supplemental materials that would otherwise have to be distributed, and resourceful tools and apps that provide study aids to our readers. The ability to annotate, to outline, and to access anytime, anywhere should be invaluable to everyone using the text.”
-Dan Davidson and Lynn Forsythe, Authors of Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment, Second Edition

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