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Digital Bookshelf

Provide course materials to students on day 1 of class—at a reduced cost—to promote student success and equitable access.

Current State of Legal Education

Each semester countless students arrive on campus for their first day of class without coursebooks or other learning materials due to financial constraints brought on by the timing of financial aid disbursements. In this current state of legal education, students immediately fall behind in their readings and other assignments, putting their education and ability to be successful at risk. In many instances, this situation can lead to higher attrition rates and ultimately, lower employment rates.

The Solution: Digital Bookshelf

Digital Bookshelf is an institutionally adopted collection of online materials providing students, faculty, and administrators access to casebooks, coursebooks, and other required materials on Day One of class to level the playing field and ensure student success. With the support of your account representative, and the Digital Bookshelf team, you can select textbooks currently in use at your institution, preserving your faculty’s academic freedom, and choose to provide your students access to assessment and other learning tools. Adopting Digital Bookshelf ensures all students have access to their textbooks, provides additional assessment options, and promotes digital equity and inclusion on your campus.

"The Digital Bookshelf ensures that every person in every class has access to the exact same resources. It’s a more equitable solution."

— Associate Dean Nicole Mills, JFK School of Law at Northcentral University

Benefits to Student

1) Provides first-day-of-class access to course materials for all students.

2) A reduction in out-of-pocket costs and time spent shopping around for materials.

3) Access to Connected eBooks when available, complete with digital eBook with interactive study center.

4) Access to classroom materials on all devices.

5) Low-cost print book option for students who prefer it.

Benefits to Institution

1) Digital Bookshelf fully supports instructor academic freedom.

2) Ensures all students have all required material on the first day of class.

3) Students are more likely to succeed, which can improve retention rates and bar passage.

4) Schools can purchase and cover the cost through tuition, grants, or other methods, or schools can charge back to the student through content or technology fee models.

Featured Products in the Digital Bookshelf Program

Improved Student Learning Outcomes

88% said Connected eBooks helped them better understand the subject matter for their course
80% said Connected eBooks helped them feel more prepared for their exams
90% said Connected Quizzing helped them better understand the subject matter for their course
83% Connected Quizzing helped them feel more prepared for their exams
Digital Bookshelf Success Stories

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