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Interested in learning more? View the recordings of our prospective student webinars to learn more about the JD-Next Program.

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A Gamechanger for Aspiring Law School Students

JD-Next is a supportive and reliable measurement of a student’s ability to learn.

The program features two key components:

  • A self-paced online course that introduces students to fundamental reading and analysis skills.

  • An examination consisting of 80 questions and an ungraded essay.
Course Date Exam Dates Purchase to Register Registration Dealine
October 7, 2024 December 4 or December 7 2024
Purchase Here October 14, 2024
December 2, 2024 January 28 or February 1, 2025
Purchase Here December 9, 2024
May 5, 2025 July 8 or July 12, 2025
Purchase Here May 9, 2025
June 2, 2025 August 5 or August 9, 2025
Purchase Here June 6, 2025
October 6, 2025 December 4 or December 6, 2025
Purchase Here October 10, 2025
December 2, 2025 January 27 or January 31, 2026
Purchase Here December 9, 2025

*A full refund will be provided for any written request received by 5pm US Eastern Time on the Friday immediately following the official start date of a JD-Next course. After that date and time, individuals who purchased JD-Next cannot be removed from the JD-Next course, and refunds will not be processed.*

JD-Next Benefits

Your $299 includes...

Access to 8-week course
1-1 access to dedicated course facilitator
Case briefing lessons
Glossary with all terms
Video explanations from experts in the field
Practice problems to prepare for examination
Access to chat with students in your course
One high-stakes examination
Detailed score report
Unlimited number of schools to send score report to

JD-Next Scholarship Information

JD-Next offers to those who qualify and are selected a scholarship based on demonstrated financial need.  Recipients of the scholarship would pay $50 instead of $299 for the JD-Next course and exam.  Please click the button below for details.

Why JD-Next?

JD-Next has been proven to result in equal or better examination results than other entrance exams. In as little as 6 hours per week, you will learn critical concepts and skills in our course and will also prepare for the most innovative law school entrance exam available.

Benefits of the JD-Next Course:

  • JD-Next exposes students to thinking and performing like a law student.
  • Learn about pathways for the legal profession.
  • Learn about law school admissions and financing options.

Benefits of the JD-Next Examination:

  • The JD-Next exam is a valid and reliable way to predict success in law school.
  • Unlike legacy exams, the JD-Next exam results in little to no score disparities for under-represented groups.
  • Students who participated in the program, regardless of whether they took the final exam, had, on average, .20 points higher on their first year law school GPA.

Who Accepts JD-Next?

The American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions Council has approved a variance for over 50 law schools (over 25% of all U.S. law schools) to use the program in lieu of other admissions tests including the LSAT and GRE.

JD-Next Benefits

No score disparities for under-represented groups
Requires only 6 hours a week
Leads to higher GPA in Law School
Learn to think like a lawyer
Stand out to Admissions
Learn the legal profession pathways

"JD-Next introduced the idea of issue spotting. Every lawyer and every law student knows what that means. So much of your first year is issue spotting."
-Laura, University of California Irvine

How Does JD-Next Help Law School Admission?

Students receive two pieces of admissions information:

  • Test Score
  • Course Credit

Learn More

Aspen Publishing and JD-Next are committed to your success. For any questions regarding the JD-Next Program, please contact us.

Call: 1-800-317-3113