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Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy, Ninth Edition

  • Robert V. Percival
  • Christopher H. Schroeder
  • Alan S. Miller
  • James P. Leape
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy demystifies the complexity of environmental law. It provides up-to-date, comprehensive and accessible coverage of this rapidly changing field. After exploring the causes of environmental problems and the moral values they implicate, the casebook provides a structural overview of the regulatory system. It considers how environmental law seeks to protect public health and the environment from climate change, toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, and air and water pollution. This casebook covers land use regulation, protection of biodiversity, environmental impact assessment, environmental enforcement, and international environmental law. Written in a style accessible to the non-specialist, this casebook affords instructors flexibility in organizing courses. Effective teaching and study aids include outlines of the structure of each environmental statute, real-world-based problems and questions, “pathfinders” explaining where to find crucial source materials for every major topic, an extensive glossary, and a list of acronyms. The accompanying Website is kept current with annual statutory and case supplements.

New to the 9th Edition:

  • The most comprehensive updating and editing of this classic casebook since the first edition helped define the field nearly thirty years ago, including:
    • Biden administration reversals of Trump changes to federal environmental policy
    • How efforts to combat the climate crisis are affecting all areas of environmental law
    • New material on environmental justice throughout the casebook
    • The impact of the global pandemic on environmental law and policy
    • New material on the social cost of carbon, PFAS and chemical testing, the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, environmental enforcement, and private environmental governance
    • Excerpts from important new court decisions including:
      • County of Mauiv. Hawaii Wildlife Fund (groundwater and the Clean Water Act)
      • ARCO v. Christian (the impact of CERCLA on state remedies for environmental contamination)
      • Weyerhaeuser v. US Fish & Wildlife Service (critical habitat for endangered species)
      • American Lung Ass’n v. EPA (DC Circuit’s 2021 decision invalidating the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy regulations for greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act)
      • Juliana v. US (9th Circuit decision dismissing claims that the federal government violated constitutional environmental rights by promoting fossil fuels)
      • McKiverv. Murphy-Brown (4th Circuit decision on private nuisance, CAFOS and environmental justice)
      • Jam v. International Finance Corporation (immunity of international development bank for financing coal-fired power plant in India)
  • New and improved problem exercises
  • Streamlined and more tightly edited and featuring a new Teacher’s Manual

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage in a style accessible to the non-specialist
  • Self-contained chapters for flexibility in organizing courses
  • A detailed examination of policy
    • Focus on environmental statutes
    • How statutes translate into regulations
    • Factors that affect real-world behavior
  • Effective teaching and study aids
    • Outlines of the structure of each environmental statute
    • Real-world-based problems and questions
    • “pathfinders” explaining where to find crucial source materials for every major subject area
    • Extensive glossary
    • List of acronyms
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