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Practical Guide to Federal Evidence: Objections, Responses, Rules, and Practice Commentary, Fourteenth Edition

  • Anthony J. Bocchino
  • David A. Sonenshein
Series / NITA
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The Fourteenth Edition of A Practical Guide to Federal Evidence includes changes in the Federal Rules of Evidence through December 1, 2020. The modernized writing style makes the information easy to comprehend and put into practice. This book will help you think on your feet when you offer or oppose objections during pretrial and trial. Each section is laid out for easy reference and includes:

  • a definition of the topic;
  • the specific forms of objections and responses;
  • the controlling rule; and
  • commentary that gives experienced, real-world insights into typical issues you might confront.

This guide outlines the foundations needed to admit evidence—useful whether you are proffering or objecting. The Quick Reference Guide at the end of the book provides instant access to ninety common objections. The eBook links the objections in the Quick Reference Guide back to the full text, putting instant reference to the appropriate rule and commentary at your fingertips.

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Fourteenth Edition
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