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Cyber Crime, Third Edition

  • Catherine D. Marcum
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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Cybercrime, Investigating the Shadows of the Internet

Cybercrime provides the reader with a thorough examination of the prominence of cybercrime in our society, as well as the criminal justice system experience with cybercrimes. Research from scholars in the academic field, as well as government studies, statutes, and other material are gathered and summarized. Key concepts, statistics, and legislative histories are discussed in every chapter. The book is meant to educate and enlighten a wide audience, from those who are completely unfamiliar with the topic as an entirety, to individuals who need more specific information on a particular type of cybercrime. This text should be a useful guide to students, academics, and practitioners alike.

New to the Third Edition:

  • In-depth discussions of the dark web
  • New coverage of child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
  • Discussions of fraud related to government aid during the coronavirus epidemic
  • Extensive updates to the issues of underage sexting and nonconsensual pornography
  • New case studies to encompass recent developments in the areas of:
    • child pornography and solicitation
    • the Internet and prostitution
    • revenge pornography
    • efforts to combat piracy
    • cyberbullying
    • ransomware, hacking, and governmental relations
    • terrorists’ use of social media
  • Updated statistics that reflect the latest data

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Case studies in each chapter that connect new concepts to current events and illustrate the use of criminal theory in crime solving
  • Questions for discussion that encourage evaluative and analytical thinking
  • Discussion and analysis of the demographics and characteristics of the offenders and their victims
  • An informative review of the efforts of legislation, public policy, and law enforcement to prevent and prosecute cybercrime
  • Coverage of the most widespread and damaging types of cybercrime
    • intellectual property theft
    • online sexual victimization
    • identity theft
    • cyberfraud and financial crimes
    • harassment
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Third Edition
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Cyber Crime
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