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Payment Systems and Other Financial Transactions: A Systems Approach, Seventh Edition

  • Ronald J. Mann
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Written by Ronald J. Mann, one of the country’s leading Commercial Law scholars, Payment Systems and Other Financial Transactions continues to deliver clear, detailed practical explanations of how payment systems actually work. Using a systems approach, the text and problems focus on rules that are applied in practice. Easily adapted to any 50-minute, 75-minute, or two-hour long class, this casebook is suitable for use in courses on Payment Systems, Negotiable Instruments, or Commercial Paper.

New to the 7th Edition:

  • In re Caesars Operating - Posner opinion on standard for bankruptcy court injunction to protect guarantors

  • Receivers of Sabena v Deutsche Bank - a major New York opinion on wire transfers

  • In re Adamson Apparel - a new twist on lingering Deprizio liability

  • 3M v HSBC - liability for fraud in a back-to-back letter-of-credit scenario

  • New revisions to Regulation CC

  • Substantial revisions of the problem sets

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • An easy-to-teach organization so class sessions flow naturally from problem sets

  • Coverage of the things students actually want to learn, that they will encounter in practice

  • Assignment structures that make it easy to pick and choose topics for syllabus

  • A casebook that teaches the things students need to know to succeed in clerkships and jobs

  • Self-contained assignments that make preparation easy

  • Problem sets that focus attention to the issues that matter


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