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The Power of Procedure

  • Nan D. Hunter
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials

How do you show your students the dynamic application of Civil Procedure in litigation? This new paperback reference supplies the perfect vehicle, using actual litigation documents from the Jones v. Clinton case to demonstrate The Power of Procedure. The author skillfully utilizes engrossing documents to illustrate key concepts:

  • the text offers a holistic view of the federal litigation process by tracking the major points of procedural law through edited and annotated pleadings, motions, and other documents from Jones v. Clinton, with notes and commentary
  • includes complaint, answer, Rule 12(c) motion, extensive discovery documents, summary judgment motion (with a comparison to Rule 12(c), and amendment materials, as well as other documents
  • students see for themselves the sophistication of procedural issues as the case evolves.

    For effective teaching and learning, the text offers:

  • a brief introduction to each chapter to put the stage of litigation covered in that chapter in context
  • text boxes within doucments to raise questions or point out noteworthy aspects and procedural points
  • notes and comments at the end of each chapter, with hypotheticals, to build on the material covered.


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