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Bundle: Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, Eighth Edition and Basic Legal Research Workbook: Revised, Fifth Edition

  • Amy E. Sloan
  • Steven D. Schwinn
  • John D. Edwards
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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This bundle contains:

Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, Eighth Edition
Amy E. Sloan
ISBN: 9781543825275

This best-selling coursebook on legal research is known for its clear, step-by-step instruction in the basics. Using a building-block approach, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, Eighth Edition breaks material into discrete, readily comprehensible parts. Ideal as a course book or reference, this text emphasizes online research, with targeted coverage of print materials. Its comprehensive coverage and self-contained chapters offer flexibility to fit a variety of course structures. Useful pedagogy throughout the text includes end-of-chapter checklists, clear examples, and summary charts. Helpful sample pages and examples of research sources guide students through the presentation, and an accompanying workbook provides exercises to test comprehension and to apply legal research tools and strategies.


Basic Legal Research Workbook, Revised Fifth Edition
Amy E. Sloan, Steven D. Schwinn, John D. Edwards
ISBN: 9781543804584

A comprehensive companion to your legal research coursebook, Basic Legal Research Workbook provides a well-chosen range of exercises and assignments to familiarize students with fundamental online and print research sources. Logically and intuitively organized, Basic Legal Research Workbook’s coverage mirrors the research sources studied in first-year Legal Research courses, including both online and print sources. Research exercises are presented at graduated levels of difficulty, from guided research to open research requiring more advanced research skills. Online research exercises progressively instruct students on the latest interface features of commonly-used databases.  Print assignments cover multiple jurisdictions, reducing the demand on single library sources.
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