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Criminal Procedure: Case and Statutory Supplement, 2022

  • Erwin Chemerinsky
  • Laurie L. Levenson
Series / Supplements
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The Supplement will include the Supreme Court cases from October Term 2021.

New to the 2022 Edition:
  • Thoroughly updated to provide analysis of important, recent decisions in the area of Criminal Procedure, including several decisions from the Supreme Court’s most recent terms and discussion of policy issues at the forefront of criminal law.
  • Changes in Investigations chapters:
    • New case: Vega v. Tekoh (the ability to sue police for violating Miranda v. Arizona)
    • New material on police excessive force and on remedies against the police for constitutional violations.
  • Changes in Adjudication chapters:
    • New cases, including United States v. Tsarnaev (jury selection in high-profile cases); Bucklew v. Precythe (execution methods in death penalty cases); and Denezpi v. United States (dual sovereignty exception to the double jeopardy rule)
  • Amended Rules 16(a)(1)(G) and 16(b)(1)(C) (Expert Witnesses)
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Criminal Procedure
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