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Bundle: Civil Procedure: Theory and Practice, Sixth Edition with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2023 Supplement

  • Linda J. Silberman
  • Allan R. Stein
  • Tobias Barrington Wolff
  • Mark S. Brodin
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
Teaching Materials

Print + Digital Bundle - This bundle includes both print and digital versions of ISBN 9781543838824 and a digital-only version of supplement ISBN 9798889062448.

Digital Bundle - This bundle includes a digital-only version of ISBN 9781543857146 and a digital-only version of supplement ISBN 9798889062448.


More about Civil Procedure: Theory and Practice: Using the Socratic method, the Sixth Edition helps students develop strategic, critical thinking, with introductory text, examples, and hypotheticals that equip them for the challenges of practice. Sophisticated yet straightforward, the text strikes an important balance, providing clear exposition while requiring work to achieve deeper insights. An opening chapter gives an overview of the entire process, using real pleadings and discovery materials in the landmark N.Y. Times v. Sullivan case. The innovative “Anatomy of a Litigation” case study chapter systematically leads students from pleadings to verdict, using leading cases to deepen the connection between the classroom and the courtroom. Civil Procedure: Theory and Practice covers the full range of topics, including in-depth treatment of personal and subject-matter jurisdiction, joinder, preclusion, and alternative dispute resolution. Accessible background material for each major case facilitates analysis, and extensive notes and questions frame deep, conceptual issues.

Bundle also includes Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, With Resources for Study: An ideal accompaniment to any Civil Procedure casebook, the 2023–2024 statutory supplement presents the current Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Useful cross-references to Advisory Committee Notes, Restatement sections, and Transnational Rules have been integrated into the FRCP to help students explore the larger context of each Rule.

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