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Bundle: Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions, Fourth Edition with Bankruptcy and Article 9 2023 Supplement

  • James A. Brook
  • Keith A. Rowley
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Robert M. Lawless
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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The print textbook and PracticePerfect bundle includes lifetime access to the online eBook and one-year access to PracticePerfect on Casebook Connect. This eBook is equipped with useful features such as highlighting, annotation, and search capabilities.

This bundle contains:

Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions, Fourth Edition
James A. Brook, Keith A. Rowley
Connected eBook with Study Center (Digital) ISBN: 9781543857177
Connected eBook with Study Center (Hardcover) ISBN: 9781543804416

Using a problem-based approach, Brook & Rowley’s Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions 4th Edition engages students with imaginative scenarios while providing an accessible and manageable approach to personal property secured transactions, without avoiding the intricacies of UCC Article 9 or de-emphasizing its interplay with other UCC articles, selected state non-UCC law, or federal bankruptcy law. Designed for a standalone Secured Transactions course, but adaptable to other configurations, the book presents UCC Article 9 as completely comprehensible, even enjoyable, rather than as arcana that only an insider can be expected to understand. Cases have been thoughtfully selected and edited, and the authors’ textual discussion helps connect the cases to the problems and explores the materials’ practical (and practice-oriented) relevance. A good mix of shorter and longer problems gives each chapter a focused flow while frequently recurring characters and basic fact patterns help to reinforce how the lessons of each chapter build onto the more comprehensive whole mapped out in prior and upcoming chapters. Earlier problems lean more heavily, though not exclusively, on the individual and consumer-borrower situations. As the lessons advance, the mix of materials progressively includes more small-business and large-business transactions.


Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2023 Statutory Supplement
Elizabeth Warren, Robert M. Lawless
Connected eBook (Digital) ISBN: 9798889062479

Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2023 Statutory Supplement is smaller, lighter, and more portable than competing supplements. The supplement includes: UCC Article 1, UCC Article 9, UCC Article 12, key excerpts from UCC Article 2 and UCC Article 8, Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, Uniform Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title and Anti-Theft Act, Bankruptcy Code, selections from the Bankruptcy Rules Title 18 and Title 28 of the United States Code, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Federal Tax Lien Act. 
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Fourth Edition
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Commercial Law , Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Law
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