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Examples & Explanations for Criminal Law, Eighth Edition

  • Richard G. Singer
  • Shima Baradaran Baughman
  • John Q. La Fond
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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Employing the unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations pedagogy, Examples & Explanations for Criminal Law combines textual material with well-written and comprehensive examples, explanations, and questions to test students’ comprehension of the materials and to provide practice in applying information to fact patterns. The questions, which often raise a variety of issues in one fact situation, are similar to those on a law school or bar examination.

New to the Eighth Edition:

  • Discussion of self-defense and police use of force issues
  • Impact of #MeToo movement on rape law
  • Interesting hypothetical situations based on real cases in the last few years

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Updated materials—utilizes well-known cases that have not made the appellate courts or even gone to litigation to make the material current and easily applicable
  • Explanations include analysis of both prosecution and defense—this pedagogical approach provides valuable exam-writing skills for students
  • Readable and accessible—often incorporates popular culture and humor to spark interest in students
  • Highly recommended—by Atticus Falcon, author of Planet Law School, an orientation guide for students about to begin law school
  • Straightforward presentation—clear, introductory text enables students to understand and apply principles
  • Visual aids—tables and charts demonstrate legal standards and concepts
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