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Constitutional Law: Cases in Context, Fourth Edition, Constitutional Rights: Cases in Context, Constitutional Structure, Cases in Context: 2023 Supplement

  • Randy E. Barnett
  • Josh Blackman
Series / Supplements
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The 2023 Supplement contains excerpts from cases decided since the publication of the Fourth Edition of the authors’ casebooks.

New to the 2023 Edition:

  1. Haaland v. Brackeen
  2. National Pork Producers Council v. Ross
  3. Moore v. Harper
  4. Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College
  5. 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis
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About the authors
Randy E. Barnett
Georgetown University

Randy E. Barnett is the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches constitutional law and contracts, and is Director of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. After graduating from Northwestern University and Harvard Law School, he tried many felony cases as a prosecutor in the Cook County States’ Attorney’s Office in Chicago. A recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in Constitutional Studies, Professor Barnett has been a visiting professor at Penn, Northwestern and Harvard Law School. In 2004, he argued the medical marijuana case of Gonzalez v. Raich before the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2012, he was one of the lawyers representing the National Federation of Independent Business in its constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Professor Barnett’s publications includes eleven books, more than one hundred articles and reviews, as well as numerous op-eds. New editions of his books, Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty (Princeton) and The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law (Oxford) will be released later this year, as will his coauthored book, A Conspiracy Against Obamacare: The Volokh Conspiracy and the Health Care Case (Palgrave).

Josh Blackman

Josh is an Associate Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law in Houston who specializes in constitutional law, the United States Supreme Court, and the intersection of law and technology. Josh is the author of the critically acclaimedem Unprecedented: The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare em(2013) and emUnraveled: Obamacare, Religious Liberty, and Executive Powerem (Cambridge University Press, 2016). Josh was selected by emForbes Magazineem for the “30 Under 30” in Law and Policy. Josh has twice testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the constitutionality of executive action on immigration and health care. He is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. Josh is the founder and President of the Harlan Institute, the founder of FantasySCOTUS, the Internet’s Premier Supreme Court Fantasy League, and blogs at Josh leads the cutting edge of legal analytics as Director of Judicial Research at LexPredict. Josh is the author of over three dozen law review articles, and his commentary has appeared in emThe New York Timesem, emWall Street Journalem, emWashington Postem, emUSA Todayem, emL.A. Timesem, and other national publications.

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