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Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach

  • Kate E. Bloch
  • Kevin C. McMunigal
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
Teaching Materials
This refreshing new alternative for the first-year Criminal Law course is a lively coursebook that blends text, statutes, cases, and problems in a presentation that is user-friendly for both students and instructors.

These distinctive characteristics make Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach both effective and engaging:

  • shorter length and with a rich and diverse mix of materials that promotes intellectual challenge without sacrificing accessibility
  • the authors treat criminal law as an introduction to both statutes and cases and emphasize statutes as a primary source, with explicit treatment of statutory drafting and interpretation issues
  • goes beyond the traditional focus on the judiciary to also examine the role of the legislature and the executive in defining offenses
  • clear, direct text introduces statutes, cases, and problems
  • the materials support a wide array of teaching techniques to address varied student learning styles
  • within each section, the authors introduce the basics and then the materials grow progressively more challenging
  • includes both modern and classic criminal cases
  • includes material on ethics and highlights criminal law perspectives


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Criminal Law
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