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Basic Contract Law for Paralegals, Tenth Edition

  • Jeffrey A. Helewitz
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
Teaching Materials
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A perennial favorite, Jeffrey A. Helewitz’s Basic Contract Law for Paralegals provides paralegal students with a comprehensive introduction to contract law

Basic Contract Law for Paralegals is a clear, comprehensive, and straightforward introduction to all the basics of contract law, specifically designed for paralegal students. Lively examples and well-crafted pedagogy cover all key topics in a contracts course—from offer, acceptance, and consideration, to discharge of obligations, and remedies. The text balances coverage of case law with professional skills development and culminates with a chapter that asks students to draft a standard contract. An appendix of twelve sample contracts provides a useful ongoing reference tool.

New to the Tenth Edition:

Major new cases address:

  • Acceptance/non-acceptance of an offer by silence
  • Online acceptance of an offer
  • The capacity of a person suffering addiction to enter into a contract
  • Ambiguous conditions and contract formation
  • Battle of the Forms
  • The impact of Covid-19 on the discharge of contract obligations

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive, practical, and straightforward coverage of the basics of contract law, including a chapter on drafting simple contracts.
  • Clearly written text and lively examples that help students understand the law.
  • Well-crafted pedagogy that includes chapter overviews, highlighted examples, key terms, review questions, sample clauses for analysis, edited cases, chapter summaries, and end-of-chapter exercises.
  • Manageable length that makes this book ideal for shorter courses.
  • New end-of-chapter Quick Quizzes that provide a final self-check of students’ knowledge.
  • Ethical problems at the end of each chapter that raise awareness of professional responsibility in practice
  • Sample contracts in the Appendix

Teaching materials include:

  • Instructor’s manual
  • Test bank
  • PowerPoint slides
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