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Sports Law and Regulation: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Sixth Edition

  • Matthew J. Mitten
  • Timothy Davis
  • N. Jeremi Duru
  • Barbara Osborne
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
Teaching Materials
Table of contents

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Sports Law and Regulation provides a comprehensive and timely discussion of youth, high school, college, Olympic, and professional sports legal issues, including gender and racial equity, health, safety, risk management, and intellectual property law issues. A comprehensive collection of cases and materials provides balanced perspectives and flexible coverage, while the organization provides instructors the flexibility to cover selected sections or chapters for a separate course in either Amateur Sports Law or Professional Sports Law. Sports Law and Regulation contains the appropriate amount of introductory and explanatory materials, notes, and questions to facilitate students’ understanding as well as hypothetical problems for applying new knowledge.

New to the 6th Edition:
  • Updated cases regarding speech and religion at the high school level including Mahanoy Area Sch. Dist. v. B.L. and Kennedy v. Bremerton School District
  • The new NCAA Constitution and governance structure, revised NCAA bylaws, transfer eligibility, NIL, agent interactions, and amendments to the NCAA’s enforcement and penalty structure, along with NCAA v. Alston
  • An updated comment on concussions that includes recent cases, state legislation seeking to reduce the incidence of concussions, and settlements of concussion-related disputes between claimants and the NCAA, NFL, and NHL
  • A streamlined coaching chapter including discussion of coaches’ involvement in the college admissions and basketball scandals and an updated coaching contract negotiation exercise
  • Provisions of the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NWSL collective bargaining agreements; updated league regulations regarding cannabis use; discussion of minor league baseball players’ unionization; and the 2019 revisions to the Uniform Athlete Agents Act and Williamson v. Prime Sports Mktg., LLC
  • Revised Olympic and international sports law materials, including a recent CAS award interpreting the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code, a revised anti-doping problem, a CAS award regarding the legality of excluding Russian athletes from international sports events, and a Swiss Federal Tribunal case recognizing the independence of the CAS Anti-Doping Division
  • Updated racial demographic data for coaching and administrative positions in collegiate and professional sport and discussion of coach Brian Flores’ historic racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL and its clubs
  • An updated gender equity chapter that includes new Title IX regulations, sexual orientation discrimination issues, the participation rights of transgender and intersex athletes and new Olympic and NCAA policies
  • New commentary questioning the baseball rule as applied to absolve stadium owners of liability to spectators, and recent developments regarding the standards for assessing the liability of co-participants

Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Landmark historical cases and significant recent cases that reflect the current law regulating the sports industry
  • Notes and Questions that suggest philosophical, sociological, psychological, and economic policy issues and themes
  • Flexible organization that supports different teaching objectives, ranging from a focus on amateur sports to professional sports law
  • Skill-building exercises in client counseling, negotiation, and contract drafting
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