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Arbitration Advocacy, Second Edition

  • John W. Cooley
  • Steven Lubet
Series / NITA
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This insightful guide to the arbitration process will help you achieve the best results for clients in all types of arbitration settings - from commercial to labor. John W. Cooley, an experienced judge, trial attorney, arbitrator, and mediator, and Steven Lubet, author of NITA's best-selling Modern Trial Advocacy have written this book to describe an up-to-date description of the arbitration process for advocates. You will get specific advice on: The arbitration process, Prehearing considerations, Advocacy at the arbitration hearing, Effective openings and closings, Tactical considerations in shaping the process. Arbitration Advocacy, Second Edition, contains a chapter on attorney ethics and a chapter on cyberarbitration which explores the variety of online dispute resolution services available, the benefits and limitations with the use of cyberarbitration, and considerations in selecting a cyberarbitration service and cyberarbitrator. Detailed checklists help you choose the appropriate arbitration forum and panel, and give guidance on drafting pleadings. The appendices include sample arbitration agreements and forms, commercial arbitration and ethics rules, a list of firms offering arbitration services, a list of ODR service provider Web sites, and procedures for online arbitration.
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Second Edition
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Dispute Resolution , Arbitration
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