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Michigan Bar Exam Essay Deconstruction

  • Holly Glazier
Series / Bar Review Series
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Often overlooked and under-emphasized in commercial bar review courses, the essay portion of the Michigan Bar can truly save examinees on the Michigan Bar Exam. While the bar examiners claim the essay score is worth the same as your MBE score, after the scaling and conversion of your scores, the essays are actually worth more than your MBE score. It is far easier to improve your essay score on the bar exam than your MBE scoreand#8212;and this book is designed to do just that!

Michigan Bar Exam Essay Deconstruction gives you the extensive instruction and skill-building practice needed to write 15 strong essays in six-and-a-half hours. Learn how to attack each essay to get the most points, write according to what the graders are looking for, and stay ahead of the clock. With over a decade of experience working with the Michigan Bar Exam, Holly Glazier has helped thousands of students successfully pass the bar on their first try. She has also helped over a hundred students pass the exam on appeal. Therefore, she knows exactly what the graders are looking for and shares her expertise and inside tips in this book.

With clear guidelines and instructions specific to the MI Bar Exam, this dynamic study tool features:

The Fundamentals of the Michigan Bar Exam and#8211;including important administrative information that is often lacking from commercial bar review courses.

How to grade your own essays like a Michigan Bar examiner and#8212;learn how they think

What is most likely to turn up on your essay exam and#8212;how to make the best use of your study time

Essay Deconstructionand#8212;how to break down and attack each essay to gain the most points

How to Build a Great Essayand#8212;hone your writing skills with practice exercises that teach you how to write a great answer when you know what youand#8217;re talking about (Plan A) and how to get the most points when you donand#8217;t (Plan B)!

Previous MI Bar Exam questions and model answersand#8212;familiarity breeds success

Organized in and#8220;clusters,and#8221; like the exam itself and#8212;each focuses on a different subject

Actual essays by students and the grades they received and#8212;reveal what graders expect, which reduces anxiety by showing you that what is expected by the graders is doable!

Sample MI Bar Exams and#8212;makes you familiar with the actual essay exam format

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