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Essentials of Victimology: Crime Victims, Theories, Controversies, and Victims' Rights, First Edition

  • Jan Yager
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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Essentials of Victimology is an engaging new textbook for anyone seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of the field. Renowned author Jan Yager provides an awareness of the evolution of the discipline of victimology, as well as an understanding of the early and current theories, and a discussion of key concepts. The text includes practical, up-to-date chapters on victims and their interactions with the criminal justice system and on the medical and legal help available to victims. In addition, the major violent, property, and white-collar or economic crimes are explored in separate chapters.

Throughout the book, the author utilizes examples and in-depth profiles to emphasize the real-life impact of crime on its victims. This well-structured text is designed with the student in mind, offering clear learning objectives, an overview of key terms and concepts, and effective end-of-chapter questions to reinforce the material.

Based on the research, teaching, writing, and victim advocacy of accomplished author Jan Yager, Essentials of Victimology brings a modern and comprehensive perspective to this important field.

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • Multidisciplined approach that draws from not only sociology, criminology, and victimology but also anthropology, history, law, psychology, psychiatry, social work, medicine, nursing, and communication studies for insights and answers.
  • Engaging presentation that brings the material to life.
  • Numerous first-person interviews with crime victims or experts
  • Clear explanations of the basic concepts accompanied by thoughtful discussions of cutting-edge issues
  • Separate chapters on Child Victims and Teen victims, exploring topics not covered in other texts such as sibling sexual abuse
  • Unique chapter on Victims of the Criminal Justice System (Chapter 14).
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