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MRS v. Riverboat Queen: Case File, First Edition

  • Cheryl Brown Wattley
Series / NITA
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A popular tourist boat mysteriously sinks into Beacon Lake three days before the boat's insurance policy is due to expire. The boat's owner, Fred Glenn, hires Marine Rescue and Salvage (MRS) to haul the boat out of the lake. MRS fails to successfully raise the boat, and a dispute arises between Glenn and MRS. The Riverboat Queen had been docked at a boat ramp owned and operated by Nita City, who has chosen to terminate Glenn's lease. Why did the boat sink? Was the insurance policy going to be renewed? Who is responsible for the costs incurred as MRS tried to raise the boat? Is Nita City justified in terminating Glenn's lease? The Riverboat Queen Case Files include four lawsuits drawn from the same fact pattern: three civil and one criminal. Because professors won't have to present new fact patterns for each case file, students can focus on examining the cases based on facts they already know, maximizing skills development and trial practice opportunities. The case files topics include a contract dispute and counterclaim, bad faith denial of an insurance claim and breach of contract, breach of contract landlord/tenant, and attempted insurance fraud. This dynamic case file compilation includes over fifty exhibits, including diagrams, emails, and photographs, as well as evidentiary issues such as hearsay and business records exceptions.
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First Edition
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