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State v. Delaney: Case File, Third Edition

  • Joseph E. Taylor
  • A.J. Griffith-Reed
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
Ardell Delaney, a professional baseball player, is charged with armed robbery. The State of Nita has accused him of robbing Miller's Fine Jewelers, holding assistant manager Lexi Waitkus at gunpoint while he emptied the safe of cash and coins. The defendant contends that this is a case of mistaken identification; he claims that at the time of the robbery he was having his car checked for emissions certification. This case file includes four witnesses for the plaintiff and four witnesses for the defendant including an eyewitness and expert witness on both sides. The new edition includes Facebook pages and text messages, allowing students to experience the special challenges of building a proper foundation for the admission of media exhibits. Color copies of all exhibits are available online for reproduction and use.
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Third Edition
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