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Criminal Litigation and Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure: Readings and Hypothetical Exercises, Fifth Edition

  • Brent E. Newton
Series / NITA
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Theory and practice go hand-in-hand in the newest edition of Criminal Litigation and Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure. Author Brent Newton merges elements from traditional substantive criminal law or criminal procedure courses with the skills training of a trial advocacy program to create an experiential learning course perfect for the next generation of law students. With short, easy-to-digest scenarios and limited, specific case references, Criminal Litigation and Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure, 5th Edition, allows students to practice their research and advocacy skills in a low-risk environment.

New to the 5th Edition:

  • Update scenarios reflecting changes in Supreme Court and lower court case law.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Combining substantive law from “doctrinal” Criminal Procedure courses with the development of students’ courtroom advocacy skills. Learning by doing—every week of the semester.
  • Students role-play prosecutors, defense counsel, and trial judges—providing insights into the law from all three vantage points.
  • An entirely self-contained course—no additional research or resources required.
  • A rare opportunity for law students to develop their public-speaking skills and conquer their fears of public speaking—on a weekly basis.
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Fifth Edition
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Criminal Procedure
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