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Effective Deposition Defense Rules: What You Need to Do to Defend Your Fact and Expert Witness Well, Third Edition

  • David M. Malone
  • Ryan M. Malone
Series / NITA
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In this creative handbook for active trial lawyers, David M. Malone, the acclaimed author of The Effective Deposition, and Ryan Malone address common questions and problems associated with the defense of depositions. This book is intended to provide a quick and ready practical reference to issues and answers for busy trial lawyers. In deposition texts and training programs, the role of the defending attorney often is underanalyzed, perhaps because a reasonable, ethical defense of a well-taken deposition is often an outwardly passive role, not inviting much attention. Nevertheless, before an attorney can develop the skill and confidence to be "outwardly passive" while defending a deposition, she must understand her powers and responsibilities, the dangers and cures. This third edition of Effective Deposition Defense Rules presents accessible, practical, and common-sense ways to deal with situations that arise as attorneys and witnesses work their way through the pretrial deposition process. And this new edition includes updated material on the specific issues presented by video-recorded depositions.
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Third Edition
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Spiral Bound
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