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Evans v. Nita State University: Case File, Second Edition

  • Elizabeth L. Lippy
Series / NITA
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They sure don’t make schoolyard bullies the way they used to. Just ask Riley Evans, the college coed in Evans v. Nita State University who became the target of Facebook attacks while running for “president” in a mock election class at Nita State University.

The simulated campaign took an ugly personal turn when Evans’s opponent used social media to attack Evans the college student rather than Evans the mock candidate, and posted inflammatory allegations that Evans was a cheat, a bigot, and a boozer. Evans filed a civil lawsuit alleging that the university failed to provide a safe learning environment and did not prevent hostile cyberbullying
that substantially interfered with Evans’s education.

This case file, formerly titled Evans v. Washingtonia State University, refines the student’s advocacy and examination skills through this full trial—which includes depositions and electronic evidence in the form of emails, text messages, a video clip, and social media posts—and focuses on storytelling as it relates to presenting factual information to judges and juries. The second edition presents new additions to the depositions, updated jury instructions, a reorganized format, and a fresheningup to the narrative that makes note of the current political atmosphere.

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