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Expert Report Rules and the Daubert Trilogy, Third Edition

  • A.J. Bellido de Luna
  • David M. Malone
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials

This convenient handbook is a quick and concise guide to the rules for creating persuasive expert reports and the information you’ll need to assure your expert is accepted by the judge and allowed to testify. This guide will show you: who must file an expert report; what the report should include; who writes the report; when to create drafts and whether to retain them; what portions of the preparation activities are discoverable and; when to supplement the initial report. In addition, this handbook guides you in the art of “voir dire-proofing” your expert—and how to attack the credentials of the opposing expert. All in a book designed to fit easily in a briefcase.

New to the Third Edition:  

  • Combines two previous titles—Expert Report Rules and Daubert Rules—into one convenient handbook  
  • Updates the rules and law that has developed since the previous edition 
  • Charts to facilitate understanding of rules 

Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • The development of Rule 702 and how we got to where we are today 
  • Easily identified passages to get you where you need to be quickly 
  • Current case law to help aide in the development of argument for admission 
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Third Edition
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