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Seymour Justice LLP (Patton v. Dell): Case File, Simulation Materials

  • Angela Burton 
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials

Seymour Justice LLP (Patton v. Dell) involves Audrey Patton, a family law attorney who becomes the unwitting target of a rival’s ill will. This rival falsifies an online dating profile of Ms. Patton on a website that promotes extramarital affairs. Ms. Patton learns of the profile only after she receives a barrage of unwanted sexual solicitations by email from strangers who have viewed the fake profile. The situation escalates when Ms. Patton receives a text on her personal cell phone from a stranger who thinks they are supposed to be meeting for a date, and an angry client fires her from a pending divorce case discovering this salacious online account. Ms. Patton seeks the services of Seymour Justice LLP to unmask the anonymous person who created the fake account and to file a lawsuit against the individual for the harm she has suffered as a result.

This innovative file creates an interactive learning experience that allows students the opportunity to perform essential legal tasks in a simulated law office setting, in which they act as junior associates or paralegals. They participate in every phase of representation, from client intake, to pleadings, and discovery. Their assorted tasks include substantive legal analysis, legal drafting, and administrative functions like time entry and conflict checks.

Samples of forms, administrative files, correspondence and memoranda; social media and text message evidence; and exhibits make Seymour Justice LLP the ideal introduction to the administrative side of being a lawyer.

Comprehensive teaching notes with problem sets are available for instructors.

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