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Lang v. Anderson: Case File, Second Edition

  • Anthony J. Bocchino
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
Table of contents
The Plaintiff, Jeffrey B. Lang, seeks to recover damages based upon a claim that the defendant, Jennifer L. Anderson, owner of Mr. Gatsby's Restaurant, by serving and selling alcoholic beverages to Butch Turner, caused the intoxication of Butch Turner, and that Butch Turner injured the plaintiff while in this intoxicated condition. The defendant denies that, as a result of beer consumed at Mr. Gatsby's Restaurant, Butch Turner became intoxicated. The defendant claims that the plaintiff provoked the fight with Turner. The defendant asserts that she, therefore, is not liable for the plaintiff's injuries. This file is intended to be used for a bench trial or a short jury trial. The trial may be limited to the issue of liability; however, adequate materials are included to allow the issue of damages to also be tried. Each side should be permitted to call only two witnesses.
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Second Edition
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