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People of the State of California v. Phillip Spector: Case File

  • Ann Murphy
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials

People of the State of California v. Phillip Spector: Case File, written by Ann Murphy who is a law professor with extensive trial practice experience, is an effective, short, skills-based book, meant to be used as a companion text in any evidence or trial advocacy class. Based on a high-interest, “celebrity” case, it is bound to capture student interest and engage students in the classroom while it illustrates the Federal Rules of Evidence.

This exciting case file features:

  • A consistent fact pattern that works through the Rules of Evidence and illustrates how the Rules work in the courtroom and the impact they have on the trial process
  • Numerous exhibits that enliven the text
  • Well-crafted questions that illuminate key points
  • Appendices that provide helpful reference material
  1. How to Approach Evidence
  2. Confrontation Clause—Post Crawford
  3. Character Evidence Chart
  4. Hearsay Helper
  5. Spousal Privileges

Resource-rich companion website offers:

  • Detailed teaching materials
  • PowerPoint slides that provide additional exhibits
  • Answers to all the questions
  • Background material on the pieces of evidence
  • “Scripts” for four witnesses so that students can try their hands at direct examination and cross examination

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