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Health Care Law and Ethics, Tenth Edition

  • Mark A. Hall
  • Mary Anne Bobinski
  • David Orentlicher
  • I. Glenn Cohen
  • Nicholas Bagley
  • Nadia N. Sawicki
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Health Care Law and Ethics, Tenth Edition offers a relationship-oriented approach to health law—covering the essentials, as well as cutting-edge and controversial subjects. The book provides thoughtful and teachable coverage of all major aspects of health care law, including medical liability. Current and classic cases build logically from the fundamentals of the patient/provider relationship to the role of government and institutions in health care. The book is adaptable to both survey courses and courses covering portions of the field.

New to the Tenth Edition:
  • Length: Trimmed by over 20% to enhance teachability
  • New author: Nadia N. Sawicki
  • Thoroughly revised coverage of:
    • Medical liability
    • Reproductive rights and justice
    • Public health law
  • Extensive coverage of issues relating to COVID-19
  • Supreme Court decisions on abortion and the Affordable Care Act
  • Discussion of emerging topics, such as:
    • Gender reassignment
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Revising “brain death” and the “dead donor” rule for organ transplants
    • Work requirements under Medicaid
    • Medical price transparency
    • Vertical integration and cross-market mergers
Benefits for instructors and students:
  • The organization vividly presents the entwined roles of patient, provider, and state in understanding and resolving private and public health care dilemmas
  • Scope includes all major areas of health care law and policy
  • Coverage of classic medical liability topics remains substantial
  • Coverage of all major emerging and conventional issues in bioethics, public health, health care finance and reform, and corporate and regulatory law
  • More streamlined editing facilitates coverage of multiple areas or use in survey courses
“The strength of the editors and the evolution of the book over a substantial period has allowed the book to become the best from which I have ever taught.” Roy Spece, University of Arizona
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