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Readings in Persuasion: Briefs that Changed the World

  • Linda H. Edwards
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials
An innovative and riveting look at briefs from a highly respected author that can be used a primary text in an advanced legal writing class or as a secondary text in a basic legal writing course. The chapters can be taken in any order. In the first part of the book, individual chapters cover advanced legal writing topics such as rhetoric, voice, emotion, metaphor, and narrative. The second part of the book introduces famous cases, with the story of each case. Chapter introductions provide interesting insights, such as historical context, the story of the case and of the litigation of it, information about the lawyers who wrote the briefs on both sides, what the courts decided, and, where relevant, about what has happened since. Compelling content makes it easy to engage students while photos throughout enliven the text.


  • Highly respected author
  • Flexibility
    • can be used as core text in advanced legal writing with other materials
    • secondary text in a basic legal writing course
    • chapters can be taken in any order
  • High-interest, engaging content
  • Each chapter focuses on important legal writing topics
    • rhetoric
    • voice
    • emotion
    • metaphor
    • narrative
  • Features famous case
  • Chapter introductions with compelling insights
    • historical context
    • the story of the case and its litigation
    • information about the lawyers who wrote the briefs on both sides
    • what the courts decided
    • what has happened since
  • Full-text cases and briefs offered on a companion website
  • Photos that enliven the text

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