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Experiential Legal Writing: Analysis, Process, and Documents

  • Diana Donahoe
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials
Experiential Legal Writing: Analysis, Process, and Documents discusses the documents first-year law students are introduced to, including memos, briefs, and client letters, as well as documents that are used in upper-class courses, such as scholarly writing and pleadings. Based on the online legal writing materials available at TeachingLaw, this straightforward text is designed to be used either as an aid to instructors and students working in the electronic environment of TeachingLaw or on its own as a primary or supplementary textbook.

Covering the entirety of the writing process, from analysis to citation form, this text

  • Offers a clear instructional approach to legal analysis, legal documents, and the writing process, as well as to legal grammar and usage and to citation style for both ALWD and the Bluebook.
  • Breaks down the analytical and writing processes into manageable tasks and provides students with strategies, examples, and exercises.
  • Introduces each type of legal document with "Purpose, Audience, Scope, and View" bullet points, providing an at-a-glance overview.
  • Employs maps, diagrams, text boxes, and tables to summarize material and provide visual interest.
  • Includes multiple documents annotated with in-depth commentary to help students identify key parts, understand the arguments being made, and understand the strengths of each document.
  • Provides abundant, thorough study aid materials
    • Quick References and Checklists that reinforce and test students' understanding of the material
    • Quizzes and Self-Assessments that allow students and teachers to test students' understanding of the material
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