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Experiential Legal Research: Sources, Strategies, and Citation

  • Diana Donahoe
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials
Print publication based on the online legal research materials available at TeachingLaw


  • Takes a clear, straightforward approach to research sources and strategies plus to citation (ALWD and Bluebook styles) and grammar.
  • Covers 1L material including finding federal and state statutes and cases, using secondary sources, and strategies for effective and efficient research; also covers upper-class courses with materials on administrative law and legislative history.
  • Breaks down the research process into manageable tasks, discussing strategies for the process and presenting specific strategies for each legal source, including specifics on updating the law.
  • Uses hypothetical fact patterns and case briefs to illustrate research plans and strategies.
  • Provides maps, diagrams, text boxes, and tables to summarize material and provide visual interest.
  • Instructs through annotated facsimiles and screen shots of a wide variety of law and research sources.
  • Provides abundant, thorough study aid materials
    • Quick References and Checklists: reinforce and test students' understanding of the material
    • Quizzes and Self-Assessments: allow students and teachers to test students' understanding of the material
    • Exercises: for use as in-class to reinforce the readings, such as exercises on case analogies, statutory interpretation, conciseness, and citation
  • Can be used both as an aid to instructors and students working partially or predominantly in the electronic environment of TeachingLaw and as a standalone primary or supplementary textbook.
  • Online version of the book includes an idea bank, a school bank for sharing, and an integrated courseware program.
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