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Bundle: Contracts in Context: From Transaction to Litigation, Second Edition with PracticePerfect Contracts

  • Nadelle Grossman
  • Eric A. Zacks
  • Ben Templin
  • Alexandra D. Lahav
  • Kamina A. Pinder
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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This bundle contains:

Contracts in Context: From Transaction to Litigation, Second Edition
Nadelle Grossman, Eric A. Zacks
ISBN: 9798886144345

Contracts in Context: From Transaction to Litigation explores why parties enter into contracts, how written contracts are customarily structured, and how and why parties use contract design and terms to achieve their goals. The book is unique because it introduces students to customary contract provisions, and walks students through the lifecycle of a contract, including (i) pre-formation activities such as due diligence, preliminary negotiations, and contract drafting, (ii) contract formation, performance, and amendment, and (iii) dispute activities, such as interpretation, enforcement, defenses, and remedies. The book explores how parties “contract around” default requirements of the law, in addition to satisfying mandatory aspects of the law, through contracts. The book describes the role of both the transactional lawyer and litigator in working with contracts. It presents much of the material in expository fashion rather than only or primarily through cases. This allows students to learn the doctrine more easily. It also allows for more time on applying the law to new situations. The book challenges students to apply contract law through transactional and litigation practice and simulation problems, which are adaptable to the classroom and asynchronous setting.


PracticePerfect Contracts
Ben Templin, Alexandra D. Lahav, Kamina A. Pinder
ISBN: 9781543852004

PracticePerfect is a visually engaging, interactive study aid designed to help students review core course topics and test their ability to recall and correctly apply the law. PracticePerfect contains a library of animated videos that explain course topics through hypothetical situations, quizzes to test knowledge and understanding, and progress trackers so students can identify their strengths and weaknesses in the course. Designed to work with all major casebooks, PracticePerfect is the ideal study companion for today's law students.


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