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National Security Law and the Constitution, Second Edition

  • Geoffrey S. Corn
  • Jimmy Gurulé
  • Jeffrey D. Kahn
  • Gary Corn
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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National Security Law and the Constitutionprovides a comprehensive examination and analysis of the inherent tension between the Constitution and select national security policies, and it explores the multiple dimensions of that conflict. Specifically, the Second Edition comprehensively explores the constitutional foundation for the development of national security policy and the exercise of a wide array of national security powers. Each chapter focuses on critically important precedents, offering targeted questions following each case to assist students in identifying key concepts to draw from the primary sources. Offering students a comprehensive yet focused treatment of key national security law concepts, National Security Law and the Constitution is well suited for a course that is as much an advanced “as applied” constitutional law course as it is a national security law or international relations course.

New to the Second Edition:

  • New author Gary Corn is the program director for the Tech, Law and Security Program at American University Washington College of Law, and most recently served as the Staff Judge Advocate to U.S. Cyber Command, the capstone to a distinguished career spanning over twenty-seven years as a military lawyer
  • Two new chapters: Chapter 1 (An Introduction to the “National Security” Constitution), and Chapter 17 (National Security in the Digital Age)

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • An organizational structure tailored to present these national powers as a coherent “big picture,” with the aim of understanding their interrelationship with each other, and the legal principles they share
  • A comprehensive treatment of the relationship between constitutional, statutory, and international law, and the creation and implementation of policies to regulate the primary tools in the government’s national security arsenal
  • Targeted case introductions and follow-on questions, enabling students to maximize understanding of the text
  • Text boxes illustrating key principles with historical events, and highlight important issues, rules, and principles closely related to the primary sources
  • Chapters that focus on primary or key authorities with limited diversion into secondary sources
  • A text structure generally aligned to fit a three-hour, one-semester course offering
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National Security and Armed Conflict
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