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Clear and Effective Legal Writing, Fifth Edition

  • Veda R. Charrow
  • Myra K. Erhardt
  • Robert P. Charrow
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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In its Fourth Edition, Clear and Effective Legal Writing continues to give students a classic introduction to legal analysis and legal writing. Concise and accessible, the text focuses on memo and brief writing while reinforcing key writing skills. This proven teaching tool provides the student with excellent examples and numerous skill-honing exercises. 


Offering comprehensive coverage from case synthesis and case briefing to preparing Supreme Court briefs, this text:

  • starts with an overview of legal analysis, and then walks students through the writing process: understanding context, organizing effectively, writing clearly and effectively, and reviewing and editing
  • describes differences between legal language and ordinary discourse, and the linguistic theory underlying the origins of legal language
  • seamlessly combines legal reasoning with legal writing and helps the student understand the relationship between the two
  • provides straightforward rules for writing effective legal documents, with scores of examples of the good, the bad, and the humorous
  • includes numerous exercises throughout the book to help students reinforce their skills
  • dissects and annotates actual trial court memoranda and Supreme Court briefs highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each example
  • provides an insightful interview with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States on what the Court expects to see in brief and the assistance that his office provides to all litigants appearing before the Court
  • shows how to transform a memorandum into an advocacy document
  • provides guidance for writing well in an appendix with overview of English sentence structure

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • updated examples throughout
  • an updated legal process portion taking into account changes in law and updating examples
  • a new set of Supreme Court briefs with annotations
  • additional material addressing how the Internet is affecting court filings and formatting
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