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Bundle: Torts: Cases and Questions, Third Edition and Aspen Aloud: Torts

  • Ward Farnsworth
  • Mark F. Grady
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
Teaching Materials
This bundle contains:

Torts: Cases and Questions, Third Edition
Ward Farnsworth, Mark F. Grady
ISBN: 9781543812237

The unique approach of Torts: Cases and Questions, Third Edition, by Ward Farnsworth and Mark F. Grady provides extraordinary teaching cases that are presented concisely and positioned in tandem, challenging students to compare the cases and draw connections and distinctions between them. Teachers across the country enjoy the lively and instructive classroom experience promoted by this fresh and innovative format.


Aspen Aloud: Torts
Aspen Publishing
ISBN: 9798889067559

Aspen Aloud is a series of narrated audio summaries for legal studies in 1L or 2L subject areas: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations and Other Business Entities, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Property, and Torts. Consisting of easy-to-follow, non-casebook-specific chapters broken up into audio files of approximately 10 to 30 minutes each, Aspen Aloud covers the main topics of a subject area to help students understand the concepts they learn in class throughout the semester and to study for exams on the go.

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Tort Law
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