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Bundle: Civil Law and Litigation for Paralegals, Third Edition with The Law Simulation Series: Civil Litigation

  • Neal R. Bevans
  • Diane Pevar
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
Teaching Materials

Print Bundle - This bundle includes both a print and digital version of ISBN 9781543826111 as well as an access code to The Law Simulation Series - Civil Litigation.


More about Civil Law and Litigation for Paralegals, the Third Edition is a comprehensive text designed specifically for paralegal civil litigation courses. Author Neal Bevans not only teaches the basics of civil litigation, but also gives students the opportunity to learn skills they will use in practice. In a balanced approach, Bevans covers all the key topics paralegals need to know in an easy-to-read and engaging style that utilizes numerous examples and illustrations but never overwhelms the student. The text provides students with an in-depth analysis of a wide variety of civil cases, beginning with laying out the basic foundation of the American legal system. It proceeds through the investigation and implementation of a civil case, and follows the case through to appeal. The text balances the theoretical underpinnings of the law with the practical examples and hands-on experience that all students need to completely understand the topic. The helpful pedagogy throughout the book and a comprehensive teaching package make class preparation as easy as possible.

The Law Simulation Series: Civil Litigation is a series of simulated, experiential learning environments designed to provide students with an interactive law office environment suitable for the development and refinement of competencies needed for the real-world legal workplace

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