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Bundle: Dukeminier & Krier’s Property: Concise Edition and Aspen Treatise for Property, Sixth Edition

  • Gregory S. Alexander
  • Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
  • David N. Schleicher
  • Joseph William Singer
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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Print Bundle - This bundle includes both print and digital version of ISBN 9798889066187 and a print version of ISBN 9781543839258.

Digital Bundle - This bundle includes digital-only versions of ISBN 9798889066194 and ISBN 9798889065470.


More about Dukeminier & Krier’s Property: Concise Edition, the Fourth Edition is more than merely a shorter version of the classic Dukeminier and Krier casebook. In style, format, and substance, it is its own book, even while it retains Jesse Dukeminier’s trademark wit, passion, and human interest perspective. Its goal is to make Property law more accessible to students without sacrificing intellectual rigor. It includes features that the classic book doesn’t have, such as skills exercises and review problems. Many of the Notes are very different than those in the classic book. It is far-more visual book than the classic book, and indeed all other Property casebooks.

Bundle also includes Aspen Treatise for Property, Sixth Edition, this overview of property law addresses both classic and contemporary topics covered in the first-year property course in a clear, accessible format. The book offers clear explanations of property law through textual treatment, with numerous examples, analytical discussion of key cases, and issues followed by hypotheticals. The book places emphasis on disagreements among states about the applicable rules of property law, with explanations of the conflicting issues
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