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Evidence: Skills, Strategies, and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial

  • Marilyn J. Berger
  • John B. Mitchell
  • Ronald H. Clark
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials

Evidence: Skills, Strategies and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial and the Freck Point trial demonstration movie on DVD provide practical instruction on evidence proficiencies and strategies for pretrial and trial advocacy.


  • Role-play assignments provide 49 real-world experiences in applying skills and strategies in pretrial and trial settings in the Freck Point civil wrongful death and/or criminal homicide case
  • Case files, witness instructions and exhibits for the role-play assignments
  • Evidentiary Handbook based on the Federal Rules of Evidence and typical of a state evidence manual contains evidence law and model evidentiary foundations for the assignments and to perfect skills
  • Trial demonstration movie on DVD of the Freck Point wrongful death case illustrates how to introduce, display exhibits, and lay evidentiary foundations
  • Instruction on making and meeting objections, introducing and displaying exhibits, and making and responding to motions
  • Ethical considerations for evidence pretrial and in trial are examined
  • Teacherand#8217;s Manual provides realistic, educational, and enjoyable teaching information


Evidence: Skills, Strategies and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial is a very impressive piece of work. I have not seen a trial practice book like it -- one that develops a rich set of facts that can be used for instruction on all phases of both a civil and a criminal trial, from start to finish. In one volume, the book provides explanations, instruction, tips and exercises on all aspects of trial -- developing a theory of the case, making objections, writing and arguing motions, opening and closing argument, presenting exhibits (including the most up to date electronics), and of course examining and cross-examining witnesses. It also provides the basic rules of evidence, with Examples & Explanations. The book's emphasis on professional ethics throughout the book is also a big plus. The book should be popular with students and new lawyers because its style is very engaging; its exercises are very challenging; and the preparation it provides for those exercises appears to be highly useful and pitched at the right level.

Professor Eleanor Swift, School of Law (Boalt Hall)
University of California at Berkeley

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