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Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems, Seventh Edition

  • Barbara Allen Babcock
  • Toni M. Massaro
  • Norman W. Spaulding
  • Myriam Gilles
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems, Seventh Edition by Barbara Allen Babcock, Toni M. Massaro, Norman W. Spaulding, and new co-author Myriam Gilles (the #5 most cited civil procedure scholar in the country) is the ideal casebook for the modern Civil Procedure course. With lightly-edited cases, both canonical and contemporary, and engaging hypothetical problems, the Seventh Edition of Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems promotes student understanding of modern procedure, the adversary system and alternatives, the relationship between substance and procedure, and systemic problems in access to justice. This casebook pioneered the “due process approach” to the study of procedure and is designed to create an inclusive learning environment, emphasizing the formative role of public interest litigation in modern procedural law and the voices of women and people of color in shaping the field in both practice and scholarship. It is the only major casebook on the market written by co-authors who together have received more than a dozen awards for excellence in teaching.

New to the Seventh Edition:

  • Shorter notes and materials after principal cases
  • Updated cases and materials on personal and subject matter jurisdiction, plausibility pleading, affirmative defenses, the new proportionality requirement in discovery, and more
  • Revised and expanded treatment of arbitration and ADR
  • Revised and expanded treatment of MDL
  • Revised and streamlined treatment of class action doctrine
  • Revised and streamlined treatment of preclusion

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Lightly-edited cases paired with thoughtful notes and questions.
  • Concise examination of scholarship and empirical data bearing on various procedural rules
  • Close attention to the underlying social and economic contexts in which the rules function with emphasis on the consequences for vulnerable populations
  • Meaningful discussion of oft-marginalized topics, including: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Discovery (including e-discovery), Aggregate Litigation, Remedies, Adversary Ethics, and Trial Practice.
  • Hypothetical problems presented in each chapter and revisited in later chapters to support in-class exercises and awareness of how phases of litigation influence each other.
  • A casebook designed to create an inclusive classroom experience
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Civil Procedure
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