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Practical Guide to Drafting Contracts: From Concept to Closure, Second Edition

  • Cynthia M. Adams
  • Peter K. Cramer
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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From concept to closure, A Practical Guide to Drafting Contracts provides detailed instruction for drafting contracts. Moreover, it teaches readers how to adapt existing contracts and forms to the specific needs of their client--as is frequently done by lawyers in legal practice. Step-by-step instruction and examples unpack the purpose of each provision for a wide range of contracts and integrate the basic principles that apply to both domestic and international transactions. Practice exercises further develop students’ drafting skills, as well as their working knowledge of the language and syntax of contract law.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Enhanced coverage of negotiating and drafting contracts in the United States
  • Mind-mapping exercises that help learners think deeply about key contract provisions and their effect on other important aspects of the contract
  • New contract simulations and drafting exercises
  • Clear signposting of text and exercises specifically written for non-native speakers

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Step-by-step instruction through the entire drafting process
  • In-depth explanations and helpful examples
  • Insights into the strategic decisions behind drafting contracts
  • Hands-on exercises that:
    • Raise awareness of commonly occurring contract provisions
    • Encourage use of phrasing appropriate to audience and purpose
    • Build familiarity with the legal principles of contracts
    • Provide practice modifying forms and contracts drafted by other parties
  • Discussion of U.S. law regarding key contract provisions and drafting issues
  • Online Student Resources including:
    • Additional exercises
    • A wealth of sample APA contracts, Consulting Agreements, and Distribution Contracts that students are encouraged to mine for appropriate language and provisions in the process of drafting new contracts    
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