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Think only struggling law students use tutoring services? Think again—savvy students know that if they want to reach their full potential in law school, working one-on-one with an expert tutor is their best bet. This holds true both for students just entering law school and for returning students, especially rising 2Ls who may find tutoring particularly impactful in what is viewed as a pivotal law school year.

Students new to law school can find the experience somewhat overwhelming.

Helping New Law Students Start Strong

Students new to law school can find the experience somewhat overwhelming. The workload is intense and the Socratic method of teaching challenges students as never before.

Just like prepping for the LSAT can yield better test results, prepping for the first semester of the 1L year can help students be better prepared for the rigors of law school. Working with a well-qualified tutor before the semester begins or at its start can give students an edge by providing a foundational understanding of material across many first-year courses like Civil Procedure, Contracts, and more. This background can help students better follow their professors’ lectures and grasp key concepts more readily.

Why Consider Tutoring in the 2L Year?

By the 2L year students have finished most of their required courses and are starting to contemplate their careers after graduation—this makes earning better grades even more important. They also have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and where they have room for improvement.

The only catch is that while they have more insights regarding their personal development in the learning of the law, they may not have the experience or knowledge to take their skills or depth of understanding to the next level. That is where proactive tutoring can make all the difference.

Sharpening Returning Students’ Skillsets

In between reading course assignments, committing black letter law to memory and making connections between legal concepts, students have little time to hone essential skills like outlining or practice writing essays. And since law school professors don’t explain what they are looking for when they award points on exams, students find it hard to learn how to improve before the next exam comes around.

An expert tutor—one who has a law degree and experience in practice or teaching—can help students:

  • Learn to create more effective outlines
  • Practice writing better essays
  • Get a jumpstart on the core fundamentals of their new 2L courses, so they get more out of every lecture
  • Improve their GPA by turning B’s into A’s at exam time

For students looking for career guidance, a law school tutor can also be an invaluable source of expert advice. As with all educational investments, hiring a tutor can be expensive.

Students also need to be aware that tutors can vary significantly in the level of their expertise.

Law School Toolbox tutors are attorneys with extensive experience in law school tutoring and teaching. Each expert is available remotely via phone, email, or video chat to address students’ specific concerns, provide targeted career advice, and produce effective results. Tutoring sessions may be scheduled within 24 hours of sign up—especially important for students who may be struggling with challenging material or preparing for exams.

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