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Basic Administrative Law for Paralegals, Sixth Edition

  • Anne Adams
  • Robert E. Mongue
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
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The clear exposition of Basic Administrative Law for Paralegals ensures that students are truly engaged in the process of building a solid foundation in administrative law and agencies. This up-to-date introduction to the field, written specifically for the paralegal, offers clear explanations of how administrative agencies are created, how they are structured, and how they function. Agency discretion, rules and regulations, clients’ rights, investigations, informal and formal proceedings, and judicial review are thoroughly covered. Helpful pedagogy guides students through the material, and examples highlight the role of the paralegal in administrative law practice. 

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • New Chapter 10 on the Right to Know and the Right to Privacy
  • Text thoroughly edited for this edition, with a focus on creating more context for the students and improving understandability of the text
  • Substantial updating of the current status of the law, reflecting developments since the previous edition
  • New Chapter Preface at the beginning of each chapter to give students a frame of reference for the material that follows

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • The flexible organization of chapters lends itself equally well to long or shorter classes.
  • Numerous visual aids, such as charts and figures
  • Excellent pedagogy that includes examples, chapter summaries, key terms, review questions, crossword puzzles, and lists of websites
  • Flexible Student Practice exercises that can be used in the classroom as a written assignment or as voluntary practice for individual students:
    • The Concepts Journal is a practical experience that enables each student to observe, analyze, and write on a pertinent topic in administrative law.
    • Advanced Studies offers an opportunity for more in-depth study on selected topics.
    • State Practice Exercises familiarize the student with state administrative law and agencies in their home jurisdiction.
  • A companion workbook, available for download, provides additional exercises and guidance for conducting on-line research of administrative laws, rules, and agencies.
  • A chapter dedicated to paralegal skills and careers that delves into career opportunities in both private and public sectors
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Student Materials:
Student Workbook
About the authors
Anne Adams

My path to paralegal textbook writing is circuitous. After receiving my Bachelor Degree in journalism from Boston University, I joined a writers#39; group. We contracted writing and research assignments and established our group health insurance. My assignments were police magazines. To understand my topic, I took courses in criminal justice. This culminated in a Master#39;s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University where my internship was at Pinkerton#39;s. I worked at different law firms as a freelancer and received my Paralegal Certificate from the National Paralegal Academy. While establishing my own research and writing business, I researched agencies, law libraries, and courts for lawyers. A lawyer was interviewing for teachers with hands on paralegal experience at the National Paralegal Academy, which had become the National Academy for Paralegal Studies. I received an appointment and taught at Curry College and Pine Manor College. To update my paralegal book for the Third Edition, I took courses in computer and media communications to build the Internet connection into the textbook. I#39;m enrolled in a Master#39;s Degree for School MediaLibrary Communications at Fitchburg State. I have served as the Massachusetts State Legal Advocacy Chair for the American Association of University Women.

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Administrative Law
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