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PracticePerfect Torts

  • Joseph W. Glannon
  • Patrick Shin
  • Julie Steiner
Series / PracticePerfect Series
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PracticePerfect Torts is a new visually engaging, interactive study aid to explain commonly encountered legal doctrines through easy-to-understand animated videos, illustrative examples, and numerous practice questions. Developed by a team of experts in the field of Torts, including Joseph W. Glannon, creator of the Glannon Guide series and author of the popular Examples & Explanations titles for Civil Procedure and Torts, as well as Associate Dean of Suffolk University Law School, Patrick Shin, and Julie Steiner, professor of law at Western New England School of Law. PracticePerfect for Torts is the ideal study companion for today’s law students.

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About the authors
Joseph W. Glannon
Professor of Law
Suffolk University

Joseph W. Glannon is a Professor of Law at Suffolk University.

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First Edition
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Digital Product
Tort Law
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