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Examples & Explanations for Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism, Ninth Edition

  • Christopher N. May
  • Allan Ides
  • Simona Grossi
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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Examples & Explanations for Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism, Ninth edition,by Christopher N. May, Allan Ides, and Simona Grossi, provides a clearly written, comprehensive examination of constitutional doctrine pertaining to national power and federalism.

This problem-oriented study guide provides students and teachers with a highly readable and accessible study of constitutional law. Both this book and its companion volume,¿Examples & Explanations for Constitutional Law: Individual Rights, combine detailed textual material with real-world examples and explanations that apply the relevant constitutional doctrine to specific fact patterns. The text operates as a readable and citable treatise on the topics covered, and the examples and explanations serve as an elaboration on that text. Its unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations pedagogy combines textual material with well-written, comprehensive and up-to-date examples, explanations and questions. A favorite among law school students, and often recommended by professors, this guide takes students through the principal doctrines of constitutional law covered in a typical course.

New to the Ninth Edition:

  • Inclusion of more than 40 new Supreme Court cases
  • New and updated Examples & Explanations
  • More sophisticated discussion of the federal preemption doctrine
  • Updated treatment of presidential impeachment
  • Expanded discussion of the executive privilege doctrine
  • Deeper coverage of the appointment and removal of federal officials

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Hypotheticals similar to those presented in class, with structure and reasoning behind the corresponding analysis
  • An alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures
  • Straightforward, informal text that is never simplistic, and quickly gets to the point in conversational style laced with humor
  • Adaptability with all major Constitutional Law casebooks
  • Authors with over 70 years of combined experience teaching Constitutional Law
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About the authors
Christopher N. May

While in law school, Christopher May was a member of the Board of Editors of the Yale Law Journal. After graduation, he served as director of research for the National Institute for Education in Law and Poverty in Chicago. May then served as staff attorney for the San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation. He joined the Loyola Law School faculty in 1973 and served as associate dean from 1975-79. He is the recipient of the 1989 Alpha Sigma Nu National Book Award for his book In the Name of War: Judicial Review and the War Powers Since 1918 (Harvard University Press, 1989).

Allan Ides

Allan Ides graduated summa cum laude from Loyola Law School in 1979. He served as a law clerk to the Honorable Clement F. Haynsworth, Jr., Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit from 1979-80 and then clerked for the Honorable Byron R. White, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1980-81. Professor Ides joined the Loyola Law School faculty in the fall of 1982 and served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 1984-87. From 1989-97, Professor Ides was a member of the law school faculty at Washington Lee in Lexington, Virginia. He returned to Los Angeles and to Loyola in Fall 1997. He has written extensively in the areas of Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure and is actively involved in various public service projects, ranging from civil rights litigation to the representation of individuals in deportation proceedings.

Simona Grossi

Simona Grossi is a professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, where she has been teaching since 2010. Professor Grossi graduated from L.U.I.S.S. University, Rome, Italy in 2002. She completed her master#39;s degree (LL.M.) and doctoral program (J.S.D.) at UC Berkeley, School of Law. She worked for the U.N. from 2000 to 2002 and then went into private practice and worked for Clifford Chance LLP and Bonelli Erede Pappalardo doing national and transnational litigation from 2002 to 2008. She worked for Judge Charles Breyer at the USDC for the Northern District of California in 2010. She was elected to the American Law Institute (ALI) in 2011, and is a member of the International Association of Procedural Law (IAPL). Her scholarship focuses on civil procedure and federal courts. Professor Grossi is currently Chair-elect of the AALS Executive Committee for the Section on Civil Procedure and has been appointed as Chair of the same Section for the year 2016.

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